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Crafted by hand, without haste
and any artificial additives.


• Open

First gastronomic concept in Poland linking roles of a bar and store with one product, cherry cordial.

• Sincere

Spirit with intensive taste and cherry aroma known in Poland as wiśniówka. Absolutely natural, consisting of only four ingredients, hand-crafted in a small manufacture.

• Social

The best recipe for a time well spent in good company. Reason to raise a toast, meet and converse.

Wiśniewski makes everything all right!

Wiśniewski is a ruby red, uniqly tasting craft spirit accompanied by a bunch of carefully selected aromatic, succulent, whole cherries which matured slowly in Polish orchards. Every drop of Wiśniewski is crafted in a traditional way - without haste but with passion and care. We chose a winemaker’s approach to produce small batches of this cherry cordial. Once distilled, it is aged in oak barrels in search of a bolder expression. The result is a delicate, well balanced, food friendly, naturally gluten free spirit drink without any artificial additives.

Distinctive Wiśniewski:
Ingredients: cherries, spirit, sugar, water
Free of: artificial additives, food colorants, gluten
Strength: just right, 16% vol
Aging: without haste
Barrel: oak, naturally
Character: beautifully balanced with strong touch of cherries
Favorite snacks: chocolate, olives, almonds, matured beef and cheese
Serving temperature: best served at room temperature. Wiśniewski is so good you can drink it on its own any time, any place, any way you choose.
Capacity: 500 ml, 700 ml
Bottling year: 2018

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You can find us in Gdańsk, at Piwna 22 street. We are open from noon until the last raised glass.
Feel free to enjoy the fruits of our labour and join us on our journey towards great taste and good times. Let’s raise a glass. Here’s to good company!




48 607 832 844



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